About Us

About Us

An Exclusively Malaysian Convenience Store Brand

Gohson Convenience Store, a local convenience store brand created by Gohson Holdings Sdn. Bhd.  (202201005601 / 1451298-K) , represents a new emerging brand in Malaysia, with its origin in Labuan, a Wilayah Persekutuan (Federal Territory) located in East Malaysia, a free trade zone and renowned tourist attraction on its own right. This is the place where we have set up our first flagship store, and where the brand story begins to unfold.

Since there is already a well-developed retail system overseas, Gohson Convenience Store has decided to introduce it to Malaysia, and blend it with some local elements to make it a popular convenience store brand among Malaysian consumers

Future Outlook

  • Gohson Convenience Store is poised to become the quintessential Malaysian convenience store brand, the one brand that will ‘break into global markets from a firm rooting in Malaysia’.
  • Once fully developed, Gohson will be the first convenience store chain cum pharmacy in Malaysia, where consumers can conveniently get the necessary medicine anytime.

Professional Team

Rooted in East Malaysia, Making Inroad into West Malaysia through Strong Leadership

With full confidence, Gohson Holdings Sdn. Bhd.  (202201005601 / 1451298-K) is going to open 5 to 10 outlets in East Malaysia within 2 years. Once firmly anchored in East Malaysia, which is expected to happen in 3 years’ time, we will go into West Malaysia. We plan to set up our own outlets initially, and open to franchise operators subsequently when we get on track.

The company is confident that we will get on track in the very near future, thanks to the modern consummate convenience store system that we have, coupled with a highly experienced management team and a sound leadership structure.

Our management team, besides having decades of rich retail experience, also consists of members with abundant management expertise in mini markets. On top of that, our systematic management, familiarity with convenience store operation and collective wisdom are bound to make Gohson the best convenience store brand!

Regional Stores

Daily Service for the Community, Convenient Lifestyle

Just like most convenience stores, some branches of Gohson Convenience Store operate 24/7 all year round to offer convenient living for the entire community. *

We operate in the form of stores located in densely populated areas, including well-developed residential areas, commercial centers and tourist resorts, locking down key populated areas.

*Some of our convenience stores operate 24 hours while others do not, depending on the region concerned.

Management System

Leveraging on a Perfect Management System to Quickly Put ‘Convenience’ on Track

We run a comprehensive convenience store management system, including logistics and distribution, store management, storefront management, employee training etc., in short, a sophisticated convenience store management system to ensure that all branches operate in good condition.

In this remarkable management system, the entire operation and management, from collective procurement of goods to store sales, have in place a standard operating procedure.

Brand Philosophy

Gohson Convenience Stores Enter Our Lives to Satisfy Daily Needs

Although Gohson runs on the modus operandi of a convenience store, we offer a differential advantage in terms of totally different consumer experiences.

Our convenience stores offer a wide variety of goods, primarily in small packaging, to fulfill daily needs and work contingencies, so that consumers can supplement their daily necessities at their own convenience.

There will be several storefront versions at Gohson Convenience Store, with slight variations in branches in different regions. As an example, in some branches with a larger floor space, there will be a casual dining area, subject to local licenses and store space.

In-store Zoning

Wide Range of Goods, Shop for Everything You Need Comfortably

The standard floor space specification for each Gohson convenience store is 1000 square feet. There is a wide range of goods with fast product turnover, and we provide diversified services. We provide great convenience to the general public by serving them all year round.

We divide the store into several special areas, e.g. consumers' daily necessities area which provide bread, cigarettes, newspapers etc., and a general shopping area for snacks, drinks, cup noodles and so on, with each area offering a diverse range of products.

In addition, there are hot food area, snack area, beverage area, cold drink area, slightly cold food area etc., and there is a heat-up area equipped with microwaves and hot water dispensers, a convenient place for consumers to defrost and heat up food.

Differential Traits

Malaysians Love Convenience Stores: Fine Coffee, Local Colors, Affable

Gohson exhibits some exclusive differential traits that set it apart from other convenience stores, including fine coffee, local colors and superior, cordial services.

Coffee: equipped with the finest coffee machines, Gohson convenience stores provide hand-brewed coffee services as well as ordinary mid-level coffee to meet all levels of coffee demands.

Local: our convenience stores offer a variety of local Malaysian foods and snacks, e.g. ‘nasi lemak’ packs, ‘satay’, ‘teh tarik’ etc. We vow to promote local foods from various regions, like introducing northern delicacies in our southern stores, to highlight local Malaysian flavors.

Services: all our shop assistants have to undergo strict training and wear uniforms at work. They vow to provide cordial and exclusive ‘Gohson’ services 24/7 to make every customer feel at home.