Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager

- Recruiting, training and supervising staff
- Agreeing and managing budgets
- Planning menus
- Ensuring compliance with licensing, hygiene and health and safety legislation/guidelines promoting and marketing the business
- Overseeing stock levels
- Producing staff rotas
- Preparing and presenting staffing/sales reports keeping statistical and financial records
assessing and improving profitability
- Setting targets
- Handling administration and paperwork
- Liaising with customers, employees, suppliers, licensing authorities and sales representatives
making improvements to the running of the business and developing the restaurant.


- Male
- A minimum of 3 years management experience in a high-volume upscale restaurant or within the hospitality industry.
- Self starter, flexible, and able to work independently
- Ability to multi-task, and change priorities constantly
as needed in a fast paced environment
- Ability to conduct written and verbal performance reviews with exceptional organizational skills
- Strong business acumen, Able to calculate food & beverage cost, Organize & Supervise shifts
- Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills



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Food/Beverage/Restaurant Service

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